The aim of the Association is non-political, non-profitable, to unite the members in their common approach and to gain this purpose the objectives of the Association are:-

  1. To encourage unity, mutual understanding and high standard of ethics amongst its members.
  2. To safeguard and promote the interest of Ethanol manufacturing industry in Pakistan.
  3. To explore the investment opportunities and export potential of the Ethanol sector in Pakistan.
  4. To develop continuous liaison with governmental, non-governmental and other stakeholders for maintaining excellent working relations in the best interest of promoting Ethanol industry in Pakistan.
  5. To launch initiatives towards identifying problems or potential hazards in the work places and to make suggestions for improvement.
  6. To assist the members for procurement of environment friendly chemical technologies with a view to protect the environment.
  7. To monitor and evaluate the prevailing national and international Ethanol industry scenario.
  8. To make representation to Federal or Provincial Governments, Local Bodies or any other bodies/departments about the grievances and demands on behalf of members of Association.
  9. To act as representative, adviser, arbitrator, delegate and agent of Ethanol manufacturing industry in Pakistan in all matters pertaining to the said industry which arise from time to time?
  10. To collect, maintain and distribute or supply such statistics, data and other information, necessary for the uplift of the Ethanol manufacturing industry, through letters, circulars, periodicals and press publicity.
  11. To seek representations on various bodies dealing with issues of common interest.
  12. To file, prosecute, defend or contest, join or aid in filing, prosecuting and defending any such actions, suits, applications, appeals or other proceedings as the Association may thing proper or which may be conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Associations.
  13. To sign, seal, execute and deliver all instruments, deeds, documents and writings whatsoever and obtain rights, concessions and privileges from any Government or authority that may be found to be necessary or expedient in realization of the objects of the Association or conduct of its affairs.
  14. To frame, from time to time, such rules and laws as the Association may deem fit or proper for all or any of the objects and to comply with the Trade Organizations Rules.
  15. To affiliate with any international organizations including foreign national bodies having objects altogether or in part similar to those of this Association for the purpose of securing the aims and objects of the Association.
  16. To amalgamate with, affiliate, join, take over any other association or associations, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of this Association upon such terms and conditions, including those for any additional alteration or modification of the name of this Association as may be mutually agreed.